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What We

At HyaPak, we primarily convert water hyacinth (world’s most problematic aquatic weed) into biodegradable alternatives of single use disposable plastic products like wrappers and plastic straws, tumblers and party plates. These biodegrade within 3 to 6 months.

We also hold environmental pollution mitigation measures such as tree plantings and river cleanups that involve people at community levels.

❝Addressing Climate Change needs more hands on the deck. We need a lot of community action and involvement as much as we need science and innovation. ❞

What HyaPak is all about

Getting honest in this space

Our goals give us goosebumps. So our team provides the energy, and the cute purple hyacinth flowers give us white butterflies. Our mission makes it impossible to put a foot on the brake pedal and makes it irresistible to stop dreaming. Creating stuff at HyaPak feels like fireworks in your mind; constant excitement over the possibilities of what we are doing, and the ripple effects having change with a global impact.


Changing the way we use and dispose plastics

Our commitment is to tackle plastic waste and water hyacinth infestation through innovation. 

Ultimately, we want to make you change the way you interact with conventional packaging plastics in your day-to-day activities, and have you opt for biodegradable alternatives…not just because they are eco-friendly, but also cheaper, more reliable, and with a and higher quality

Success Roadmap

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