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Our Story

In the heart of Kenya, our story begun by getting stuck in a lake during a class trip. We witnessed the growing problems of water hyacinth infestation and the threat of plastic waste to our environment and our people. But within these challenges, we saw a spark of hope.
That’s why we are now harnessing the power of innovation to create a solution that not only addresses environmental concerns but also empowers local communities.

Sustainable Solutions for a Greener Tomorrow

At HyaPak, we convert water hyacinth into biodegradable alternatives to single-use plastic products.
Essentially, this means that we use one problem to solve another: offering a sustainable alternative to traditional plastics and tackling two environmental challenges simultaneously

Eliminating Water Hyacinth

Solving single-use plastic pollution

Creating green jobs

Solutions that the world needs

How We Create Impact

Blue Economy

Water hyacinth, is an invasive aquatic weed that disrupts water flow, hinders biodiversity, and impacts livelihoods. In fact, UNEP lists this as the 'world's most problematic aquatic weed'.


Plastic waste pollutes our land and waterways, harming wildlife and ecosystems.

Green Jobs

We involve local communities in our initiatives to create change in their socioeconomic livelihoods.

What do we make? Packaging products that look, feel, and perform like plastics...but that biodegrade.

Tonnes of Water Hyacinth eliminated from Lake Naivasha
0 +
Seedlings planted by our team across Kenya
0 +
Kilograms of plastic waste removed from rivers through Adopt A River
0 +
Families impacted
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...beyond the science and labs into community action

We then take it a notch higher

Because combating the climate crisis needs both research and awareness. Our little green step takes this into community action projects. 

An initiative that focuses on mobilising community members at the grassroots level to clean up a section of a polluted river running beside their community (about 10 to 20m), as we engage them on the importance of environmental conservation and restoration. 

We are collaborating with Larry Dwayne to make this happen!

So far, this initiative has included Kenya's most polluted river; Nairobi River

Wouldn't it be great to do something that out-lives you and positively impacts the next generations as well?

Our tree planting initiatives have had us plant thousands of seedlings in Mau Escarpments and Ngong Forests to rehabilitate the water catchment areas.

Have you ever seen cute convertible dustbins made out of recycled metals?

Chances are if you haven't seen one unless you have visited Egerton University and seen what we how we did that!

Cultivating Positive Change, One Seedling at a Time

100% biodegradable bioplastics derived from water hyacinth, our ingenious wrappers offer a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic packaging options.
Our key products are biodegradable seedling bags that promote healthy seedling growth, decompose naturally in just six months, and contribute to a circular economy.
Every HyaPak seedling wrapper eliminates the need for traditional plastic, collectively reducing tons of plastic waste from entering our environment.
20 +
Hectares of
waterways restored
2 kg
Amount of
emissions each
wrapper offsets


Some of our Awards

East Africa Youth for Climate Action


TotalEnergies Startupper of the Year


Best Innovation in Kenya

East Africa Community (EAC)

Best Manufacturing Startup in Kenya

Kenya National Innovation Agency (KENIA)

Top 30 Startups In Africa

Yale Africa Startup Review (YASR)

Battle Of Minds

B-Tomorrow Ventures

Best Innovation at COP 28

Nature, Food and Water category at Prototypes for Humanity

And we are just getting started

Watch this space

Okay, you have heard a lot about us

You most likely have seen HyaPak on billboards, TV, newspapers, or heard us on radio or podcasts. We would now love to hear from you!!!